林学中心团队 (Research)
林木表观遗传学(Plant Epigenetics)

主任(PI): 以色列•奥辛(Israel Ausin, PhD)


团队成员 (Members): 刘启昆(Qikun Liu,PhD),王亚飞(Yafei Wang,PhD ),徐磷浩(Linhao Xu),张娅欣(Yaxin Zhang)

研究领域 (Research focus):

通过遗传,生化,蛋白质组和基因组的手段探索和阐释DNA和组蛋白的表观遗传学修饰原理,及其在基因表达,基因组稳定性 中的作用机制。具体关注DNA和组蛋白的表观遗传修饰对染色质的高级结构的影响,和在细胞分子水平对生物发育的作用。我们以拟南芥为主要的模式研究对象, 同时也关注表观遗传学在作物和裸子林业植物中的应用。

We take the model plant Arabidopsis and gymnosperm tree crops (such as China fir and Norway spruce) as research objects to study epigenetics. Using the genetic, biochemical, proteomic and genomic methods, we want to elucidate the epigenetic modification principles of DNA and histones, and their mechanisms in gene expression and genome stability. We analyze the effect of DNA and histone epigenetic modifications on chromatin structure, and their roles in plant growth and development.

发表文章 (Publications):


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