林学中心团队 (Research)
林木分子生物学(Plant Molecular Biology)

主任(PI): 冈义人 (Yoshito Oka, PhD)


团队成员 (Members): 苏军(Jun Su, PhD),郑华坤(Huakun Zheng, PhD),杨兆河(Zhaohe Yang),陈磊(Lei Chen),江涛(Tao Jiang),李晨曦(Chenxi Li),廖佳凯(Jiakai Liao),甄茜(Xi Zhen),熊贝(Bei Xiong),林莉莉(Lili Lin),黄志明(Zhiming Huang)

研究领域 (Research focus):

研究植物基因及基因组表达调控的分子机理, 开展农林业物种(如毛竹、杉树、水稻, 茶叶等)的基础分子生物学研究。深入进行模式植物的分子生物学研究, 以求揭示植物基因转录过程的分子机理, 基因表达调控在植物生长发育,光感应,与逆境感应信号传递过程中的作用, 以及其在农林业物种产量与品质控制过程中的作用。

Investigation of basic gene expression regulatory mechanisms, especially the basic components, dynamics, and function of the General Transcription Machinery (GTM).  Analyses of gene and transcriptome changes of crop species, including rice, bamboo, China fir, tea, etc, and effects of gene expression changes on yield and other agronomic traits.  Mechanistic studies of the transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulatory mechanisms underlying gene expression changes in response to developmental, light, and other environmental changes.

发表文章 (Publications):


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Before 2014
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